The Goal

"The goal of every health plan is to accurately and appropriately report care quality measures and to help providers identify, report and track patient care.

Working together with the right technology tools health plans and their provider networks can improve the accuracy of MRA scores, identify and report HEDIS GAPS, achieve a 5 STAR CMS quality rating, and receive quality care bonuses."


How can RevAssurant help you?


The Tool

RevAssurant is a secure web portal where providers access complete patient histories, records of care, and quality care measurements. Patient diagnoses include completed HEDIS measurements and those that are incomplete (GAPS), recent visits to other doctors, labs, tests, ER visits and hospitalizations.

Using the portal, providers submit, track and view activities around their patients. If a patient is just starting with a provider, the patient’s history is available so the provider knows where the member stands in care delivered and how to address and treat diagnosed conditions.

Providers reference the patient information to plan patient encounters and make sure any open HEDIS items or issues are addressed during the patient visit. Access to comprehensive patient clinical care ensures problems and open items for quality care are addressed during the visit.

The portal allows the provider to submit HEDIS and STAR measures and ICD 10 codes through the portal to close gaps in the patient record.

Tested & Proven

Provider Tested

The portal created by team had been used by 1000+ providers. RevAssurant was developed after feedback from many provider to improve care, quality reporting and Risk adjustment score.

RevAssurant is independent of the EMR, because it works with the Health Plans’ information and reports. The portal consolidates information from multiple health plans into a single, comprehensive actionable view.

Over 1,000 physicians with 40 to 50 encounters per week provided feedback on the portal from a navigation and provider usability perspective. The Team conducted over hundred of meetings with providers to refine the portal and make it easy to use and simple to navigate.

RevAssurant generates actionable reports to make it easy for providers to assess patient status. The portal allows providers to save time and ensure the next steps in care process are initiated. In a typical workflow, office staff or nurses generate a report on the next day’s patient appointments with a checklist of alerts and reminders of activities and actions to be addressed during the patient visit to meet HEDIS, STAR, MRA and medical management requirements.


Close care gaps & Reimbursements

Are you well equipped to identify and close Care Gaps and Reimbursements?

Exafluence’s RevAssurant solution built on MongoDB analyzes Patient health records to identify suspect conditions and enables apt intervention, documentation and coding of risk conditions and illnesses to improve patient health and risk scores with enhanced CMS compliance,thus closing health care gaps and reimbursements.

1. Improves Quality and HEDIS scores – Average risk scores increase from 0.8 to 1.4 for multiple plans.

2. Easy to navigate online portal to access complete health histories of patients.